A story that has been retold over the past 94 years

Pivara Skopje is an authentic story which started back in 1924 and we have just started!

For more than 90 years, Pivara Skopje’s story is being created with immense efforts, knowledge, experience and vision of the team of highly motivated, loyal and capable individuals, exceptionally well-trained, respected and rewarded. For Pivara Skopje, people always come first: consumers, customers, employees, partners, citizens. Pivara Skopje belongs to two major international families, Coca-Cola and HЕINEKEN, and together we remain committed to providing the highest quality of our portfolio of soft drinks and beer.
Success is valuable only if shared. Pivara Skopje  is a company that builds strong and positive relations with the community and invests time and resources in supporting a broad spectrum of societal values.


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